Environmental health researcher studies effects of air pollution in and out of the womb

pregnant woman by lake

Environmental health researcher Carrie Breton, ScD, associate professor of preventive medicine, has dedicated the last decade to studying how environmental exposures—like air pollution—early in life contribute to the increased risk of disease later in life. In this Q&A learn about her work as part of a maternal and developmental research center.

Public health in demand: Health Data Science

Public health in demand: health data science

Health data science is an emerging, in-demand field with promising career opportunities. Dr. Kiros Berhane and Dr. Meredith Franklin give you the scoop on what it is exactly, and where you could end up working.

How a USC alum is fighting to reduce childhood lead exposure

Pictured: Danielle Ramos, MPH ’17, MSW ’13. Photo courtesy Danielle Ramos.

An environmental health fellow at the United States Environmental Protection Agency, USC alum Danielle Ramos, MPH ’17, MSW ‘13, is working to bring awareness to the dangers of childhood lead exposure. In a time when government agencies are facing intense scrutiny, United States Environmental Protection Agency workers and scientists continue to fight for public health. […]