Urban American Indians and Alaska Natives Experiencing Homelessness in California: Strategies for Addressing Housing Insecurities and Substance Use Disorder



As an extension of the broader statewide needs assessment report, this study specifically focused on urban American Indian and Alaska Natives (AIAN) experiencing homelessness to access to substance use treatment.

The USC research team collaborated with partners from AIAN community-based organizations to conduct interviews with AIAN individuals experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles, Oakland, San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego. The results and recommendations are available in this comprehensive community report. 

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Examining Risk Beliefs and IQOS Use Among Adults

Examining Risk Beliefs and IQOS Use Among Adults

To assess the effect of provision of IQOS, evaluate shifts in product perceptions and examine the acute changes via EMA/mobile spirometry in pulmonary functioning upon switching from combustible cigarettes to IQOS.