Substance Use Disorder Policy Advocacy Training Program


USC is delivering the Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Policy Advocacy Training Program to address the need for policy advocates focused on SUD issues in California’s American Indian and Alaska Native (AIAN) communities. This training program uses interactive asynchronous learning software to deliver didactic information that participants will access and review at their own pace, followed by live zoom sessions focused on discussing and applying the knowledge gained in the asynchronous learning modules. This six-week training program is ideal for individuals at a beginner to intermediate policy advocacy level. The training program focuses on helping develop everyone’s specific policy advocacy goals and offers additional one-on-one guidance after the completion of the training.

This training program is designed to increase participants’ (1) knowledge of public policy-making processes, (2) awareness of the impact of policy advocacy in AIAN communities, (3) knowledge of trends and data regarding SUD in AIAN communities, (4) policy advocacy skills, and (5) policy development skills. If you would like to apply for the training, please contact Rohan Pattani (

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