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The Health and Human Rights Oral History Project (HHROHP) is a growing archive of video testimonies from diverse figures in the health and human rights movement. The Project fills a gap in the modern history of public health by providing an inside view of the decisions, discussions, and dynamics behind some of the most impactful health and rights interventions of the past several decades.

The pilot phase of the HHROHP is comprised of 30 oral histories from key pioneers in the field of health and human rights from across the globe that deepen our collective understanding of the global health space. The second phase of the project is a partnership with the University of the Witwatersrand to interrogate the methodology used during the initial phase as well as explore and extrapolate what questions are answered by the oral history collection thus far, what questions remain, and how we can continue to strengthen and deepen the archive.

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Health Policy,HIV/AIDS

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Program Monitoring and Evaluation,Research Activities, Archival studies

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Open Society Foundations, Thaler Pekar & Partners, University of the Witwatersrand

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Open Society Foundations

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