Effects of Ice Flavors and Nicotine on E-Cigarette Product Appeal and Likelihood of Future Use in Adults

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Aim 1: To test the hypothesis that there will be a main effect of flavor on appeal and intention to use outcome ratings, such that mean ratings will be greater for ice vs. plain flavor variants.  

Aim 2: To test the hypothesis that there will be an interaction between ice flavor status and nicotine concentration, such that the aversive appeal- and intention-reducing qualities of 4% vs. 2% products will be suppressed when combined with ice vs. plain flavor variants. 

Secondary aim: To determine whether tobacco product user status (e.g., ever vs. never regular smoker of combustible cigarettes [based on > 100 vs < 100 cigarettes lifetime) moderates the flavor and flavor x nicotine concentration effects hypothesized in Aims 1-2.

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