American Indian Youth: PSA, Photovoice & Digital Storytelling 



This project was a pilot study to provide one of the first evaluated American Indian youth driven media campaigns in California focused on Digital Storytelling, Photovoice, and Public Service Announcements (PSAs) using participatory methodology to empower and engage youth in fostering research with rather than on American Indian people.

American Indian youth and young adults were provided the opportunity to develop and present culturally specific media projects that resonate within Tribal communities to: increase the knowledge, attitude and intended behaviors to using commercial tobacco products; create awareness of needed policies; and encourage the adoption of prevention programs in Indian health clinics and educational settings. 


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Examining Risk Beliefs and IQOS Use Among Adults

Examining Risk Beliefs and IQOS Use Among Adults

To assess the effect of provision of IQOS, evaluate shifts in product perceptions and examine the acute changes via EMA/mobile spirometry in pulmonary functioning upon switching from combustible cigarettes to IQOS.