Public Health Career Services

Career services and networking for graduate students

Public Health Career Services supports students and alumni in exploring, discovering, and identifying their individual career pathways. Our services are structured around the Career Development Framework to guide students in making informed career decisions and optimizing their career opportunities. Come meet with us and together we can find your career path in public health.

Services for Students

24/7 resume services

VMock resume review

VMock is a SMART Career Preparation Platform that scores resumes and shows students how to improve them. VMock provides:
  • An objective score of each resume based on comparison with hundreds of public health resumes
  • Feedback to improve score in 3 categories (Impact, Presentation, and Competencies)
  • Targeted suggestions for each bullet on the resume based on the Situation-Action-Result (SAR) method to writing accomplishments
  • Advice to ensure your resume is a good fit for your public health career

Job search assistance

View Job Postings

Looking for a job? Keep an eye on PHConnection, your inbox and our Department’s #job-postings Slack channel for the information and opportunities.

The employment opportunities posted in our online PHConnection were specifically selected with our students and recent alumni in mind. These are opportunities we are aware of through our research, outreach, and networking.

Michelle Qin, MPH candidate, USC

Peer Advisor

Meet your Advisor

“Hello! My name is Michelle Qin and I am a current Master of Public Health Student graduating May 2023 in the Health Policy and Services track. Before USC, I studied Health Sciences and Business Administration at Boston University for my undergraduate years. I am currently a peer advisor at the MPH Career Services and will be working closely with the other career advisors to provide my peers with any career support needed. I will be posting new employment opportunities, networking with employers and alumnus, and organizing career events as well as updating the MPH career newsletter. In the future, I hope to work as a health consultant to help organizations optimize healthcare access and efficiency. I look forward to meeting everyone in the MPH program. Fight On!”

Services for Employers

Public Health Career Services supports employers seeking to hire Trojans through maintaining and disseminating a list of open positions via our PHConnect platform and hosting a variety of career and networking events.