Lida Chatzi, MD, PhD

Professor of Population and Public Health Sciences



Dr Chatzi is a physician-environmental epidemiologist with expertise in birth cohort research. Her research focuses on the influence of nutrition and obesogenic chemical exposures during pregnancy and early childhood on long-term maternal and child health, especially obesity, asthma and cognitive development. She has published widely on the effects of early life exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals on obesity and metabolic outcomes in children. In support of this work, she has led studies examining maternal and infant diet and their associations with the risk of adiposity and asthma in childhood. She is the principal investigator and co-leader of the ?Rhea? pregnancy cohort in Greece and she has had significant leadership roles in major cohort studies studying environmental exposures early in life.

Courses Taught

  • Nutrition and Health: Myths, Controversies, and Science
  • Nutrition and Health: Myths, Controversies and Science