Health Behavior Research


The Division of Health Behavior Research (HBR) focuses on evaluating multiple health risk behaviors (MHRBs) that are associated with chronic and infectious diseases, as well as research on prevention of these behaviors, with special emphasis on youth and young adults and population groups that represent health disparities. MHRBs include but are not limited to substance use (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs), sedentary behavior and poor dietary intake related to obesity, and stress related to inflammatory processes and mental health disorders. Prevention strategies range from targeted communication and marketing campaigns (including social media), school and community prevention programs, community organization, and policy research. HBR applies advanced longitudinal research methods to measure and analyze MHRBs and design precision prevention interventions. The research encompasses multiple stages of translation, from behavioral epidemiological studies to intervention development, implementation, dissemination, and policy change. The HBR division also trains pre- and post-doctoral researchers in translational research methods through several training programs.

Mary Ann Pentz
Mary Ann Pentz, PhD

Professor of Population and Public Health Sciences
Sidney R. Garfield Chair in Health Sciences
Director, Institute for Prevention Research

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