Health Behavior Research


The Division of Health Behavior Research (HBR) focuses on evaluating multiple health risk behaviors (MHRBs) that are associated with chronic and infectious diseases, as well as research on prevention of these behaviors, with special emphasis on youth and young adults and population groups that represent health disparities. MHRBs include but are not limited to substance use (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs), sedentary behavior and poor dietary intake related to obesity, and stress related to inflammatory processes and mental health disorders. Prevention strategies range from targeted communication and marketing campaigns (including social media), school and community prevention programs, community organization, and policy research. HBR applies advanced longitudinal research methods to measure and analyze MHRBs and design precision prevention interventions. The research encompasses multiple stages of translation, from behavioral epidemiological studies to intervention development, implementation, dissemination, and policy change. The HBR division also trains pre- and post-doctoral researchers in translational research methods through several training programs.

Genevieve Dunton, PhD, MPH

Genevieve Dunton, PhD, MPH

Division Chief, Division of Health Behavior Research

Division Chief

Genevieve Dunton

Faculty Members of the Division of Health Behavior Research

Education Programs

Master of Public Health

Master of Public Health

The USC Master of Public Health program is a product of the University of Southern California’s commitment to the health and well-being of its surrounding communities, as well as nationally and internationally.

Summer Program in Diabetes and Obesity Research (SPIDOR)

Summer Program in Diabetes and Obesity Research (SPIDOR)

Summer scholars will conduct cutting-edge research in the laboratories of faculty members from the USC Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute (DORI) and will be exposed to basic science, translational, and clinical research experiences. The summer session culminates with students presenting their research findings to the KSOM community at large.

Bridging the Gaps

The Keck School of Medicine’s Bridging the Gaps Summer Research Program will provide an opportunity to outstanding underrepresented students to gain meaningful exposure to the exceptional research and clinical programs at the Keck School of Medicine.

Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics

The Doctor of Philosophy in Biostatistics is designed to prepare a biostatistician with in-depth statistical and analytic skills. The program requires a solid background in the methodological aspects of statistics, and in statistical thinking as applied to medicine, as well as, a solid grounding in epidemiological methods and in certain medical disciplines.

Centers, Institutes, Labs

COVID-19 Pandemic Research Center (CPRC)

OverviewThe mission of the Population Health Sciences COVID-19 Pandemic Research Center (CPRC) is to promote translational research using multi-disciplinary approaches to understand and mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the health of populations, especially the...

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