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Associate Dean for Community Initiatives

A Message from Lourdes Baezconde Garbanati, PhD

Communities are at the center of our lives. Many of our faculty, staff, students, and trainees engage in local, national, and international level research, outreach and engagement initiatives to reduce health inequities in our diverse communities. We do so by utilizing the most innovative and impactful strategies and culturally grounded community-based participatory methods,  arriving at solutions that stem from within our communities themselves. We hope you join us, as together with our diverse communities’ we develop creative and precise solutions to emerging and persistent public health problems our society faces today.


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Youth Ambassador Program: Community-led Research in Uganda

The pandemic provided an opportunity for many people to develop new skills, change careers, or even go back to school. This was true for Heather Wipfli, PhD, and her USC GRIT Lab which carries out public health research and service activities in low- and middle-income...

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World Drowning Prevention Day: USC Faculty hosts Splash Camp

World Drowning Prevention Day: USC Faculty hosts Splash Camp

Lake Victoria is the world’s second largest freshwater lake. While it greatly contributes to the blue economy of the East African region, it is also the site of thousands of drownings each year. July 25 is World Drowning Prevention Day. This year, for the second time,...

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Influencing Policy

Expanding the Evidence Base on Reproductive Health

In the last 10 years, there are only 3 countries in the world that have gone backwards on abortion: El Salvador, Poland, and the United States. Every other country has been static, or has taken steps to decriminalize or legalize abortion because of the realization of...

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