Trojan Scholars for Advancement in Public Health

Accepting applications from prospective MPH students

Thru November 15, 2023


More than a typical scholarship, this merit-based scholarship and mentorship program is aimed at training Master of Public Health (MPH) students to attain knowledge and competencies that will enable them to secure positions in public health organizations that address health disparities and inequities among residents of Los Angeles County.

The program will provide full scholarship to select recipients that covers up to 42 units of tuition required to complete MPH training. Scholarship recipients will participate in an academic and career building mentorship program focused on core public health functions and social determinants of health.

As part of their training, MPH students will complete an applied practice experience (practicum) in one of the partner organizations that serve areas of Los Angeles County with high proportions of health disparities and underserved residents.

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Application Deadlines:
Spring 2024: November 15, 2023
Summer 2024: March 1, 2024 
Fall 2024: March 1, 2024 

Who should apply?

Those who are academically successful and committed to addressing disparities through working at a public health organization such as a public health department after graduation. Special consideration will be given to applicants of disadvantaged background.


When will I know if I got the scholarship?

New incoming students will be notified in April.

Can current MPH students apply?

At this time, the program is accepting applications from new incoming MPH student applicants only.

What does the mentoring portion consist of?

Mentorship includes:

  1. Monthly learning sessions that cover academic advisement, networking, and workshops specifically targeted for workplace development
  2. Academic progress monitoring
  3. Access to American Public Health Association education and training webinars
Do I have to commit to working at a partner organization after graduation? How does that work?

Yes! This program is part of a national effort aimed at developing MPH students to join the public health workforce specifically via a public health department or organization. USC MPH graduates will perform the important and fulfilling work of tackling health disparities in Los Angeles County.

Will you help me find a job that meets the scholarship conditions?

MPH faculty and staff at USC, along with Public Health Career Services within our department, will provide students with resources to aid in their practicum site search and job search in order to fulfill this requirement.

In addition, scholars will have opportunities for practicum placement and career development through the mentorship portion of the program. One such opportunity will be to network with the Public Health Advisory Board, which consists of more than a dozen public health departments and organizations.

Eligibility and Scholarship Requirements

Applicants must meet the eligibilty criteria to be considered.

Scholarship recipients will be required to adhere to the conditions of the scholarship.

Eligibility Criteria
  • Undergraduate GPA must be 3.5 or above
  • Must be citizen, national or permanent resident of U.S.
  • Must have submitted a complete USC MPH program admission application with all required documents.
  • Commit to pursue a career in local health departments or community-based organization in the Los Angeles area after graduating from the USC MPH program.
  • Applicants who receive other form/s of financial assistance, grants, fellowship or scholarship from federal funding source/s are not eligible.
Conditions of the Scholarship
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 3.2 in MPH coursework
  • Maintain full-time student status
  • Enroll in PM 519 (Health Disparities in the US: Moving Towards Health Equity)
  • Participate in the mentorship program by attending monthly lunch-and-meet and workshops
  • Perform practicum at one of the partner sites which includes local health departments and community organizations that serve the medically underserved
  • Commit to intent to seek employment at one of the partner sites after graduation

TSAPH Program Leadership

TSAPH Program Manager

Academic Advisor, MPH Program

USC Tommy Trojan

Reyna Macias, MPH, CHES

How to Apply

The application is open to NEW INCOMING MPH STUDENTS only.

Assemble all components before beginning your application session:
  1. Complete online application
  2. Submit a short essay (max 500-words) or video (max 3 minutes) that describes:
    1. why you are pursuing the MPH degree at USC (please be specific)
    2. your short-term and long-term goals
    3. demonstration of public health service, if any
    4. commitment to work in a local public health government agency or community-based organization upon graduation
  3. Submit most recent and/or undergraduate transcript

    Application is open thru November 15, 2023.

    Award recipients will be notified in December 2023.

    Application Deadlines:
    Spring 2024: November 15, 2023
    Summer 2024: March 1, 2024
    Fall 2024: March 1, 2024

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