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Share with Department Marketing and Communications

We encourage you to share anything from research, to spotlight nominations, to website requests and anything in between. For upcoming research, please DO submit to the Department and to KSOM. This enables us to work together most efficiently on your behalf.

Media Relations

Items that may be appropriate for promotion by Media Relations include research findings a general audience would find relevant or notable, especially findings with implications regarding current events. 

It is advised to contact Media Relations before publishing and otherwise promoting.

Our department’s primary contacts for media relations and university communications are below:

Laura LeBlanc
Head of Media Relations
Keck School of Medicine of USC
Tel: (323) 442-0689

Leigh Hopper
Media Relations Specialist
University Communications
Tel: (213) 740-5277

USC’s central media relations team generally does not cover grant awards. Journalists are more interested in research findings. However, if your award is more than $15 million, email In either case, please also Share with Department Communications.