#2022Trojan: Meet Levi Smith, Master of Science in Global Medicine program graduate

May 9, 2022



Levi Smith earns his Master of Science in Global Medicine from USC.

Why did you choose to pursue your degree?

I choose this program as an opportunity to help define my career in medicine even before medical school.

What has been your biggest accomplishment during your studies?

I have been humbled and very grateful to represent my class as a Global Medicine Ambassador and Co-President of the student organization WorldMED.

young man outside office building
Pictured: Levi Smith. Photo courtesy of Levi Smith.

What’s an important lesson you learned?

The most important thing I have learned during this program is that we all have the power to create incredible change in our communities and throughout the world.

What will you miss most and why?

The people. This program does an amazing job of bringing us all together. I created such fast and long-lasting friendships in this program that I will cherish forever.

What are you doing after you graduate?

I plan to apply to medical school! I hope to remain in beautiful Southern California so I can enjoy all of its beauty while I apply.

What do you look forward to in your career path?

I look forward to a career based in patient advocacy and social justice, and I feel so primed and ready to do so after my time at USC.

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