#2022Trojan: Meet Abegail Javidzad, Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention graduate

Abegail Javidzad earns her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion from USC.


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May 19, 2022


Abegail Javidzad earns her Bachelor of Science in Health Promotion from USC.

Why did you choose to pursue your degree?

I chose this degree program because it places an emphasis on certain aspects of health that are often overlooked, such as lifestyle factors, behavior change, culture, and socioeconomic factors. The major contextualized the complex science content I was learning in my other classes into an applicable health setting that I know will serve me well in the future.

What has been your biggest accomplishment during your studies?

Pictured: Abegail Javidzad. Photo by: Maya Neuenschwander

My greatest accomplishment in the time I pursued my degree has been in my role as a campus ambassador for Gift of Life. In this role, I partner with diverse groups on campus to organize cheek swabbing drives and increase the transplant match rate for minorities. This opportunity has allowed me to build relationships with mission-driven organizations to help in the success of both of our goals. One notable experience of this is an event where I partnered with Project Rishi on campus and swabbed over 50 students for the registry. A few months into the pandemic, I received news from Gift of Life that a donor at the drive we held matched with a 3-year-old boy. In such a bleak time in the world, this news brought a glimmer of light, and I was delighted to share it with the members of Project Rishi.

What’s an important lesson you learned?

An important thing I learned is one should take the context of the patient’s cultural and socioeconomic background into account when treating them to ensure that the patient is able to comply with any follow-up treatment.

What’s one of your favorite memories from your program?

One of my favorite memories from the time I spent in the program was being able to network with alumni at the alumni panels and witness the diverse career paths that are possible with the education I received.

What will you miss most and why?

What I will miss most is the genuine care and concern from the USC faculty, staff, and advisors. I truly would not have been able to accomplish all that I have throughout my four years without their support and I feel so luck to have attended a university that cares so deeply about the success of its students.

What are you doing after you graduate?

After I graduate, I plan to apply to Physician Assistant school and take a gap year working in a medical office.

What do you look forward to in your career?

I look forward to treating patients and becoming a compassionate provider by applying the principles I’ve learned in the Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Program.

What advice do you have for future grads?

I would tell future grads to take every opportunity presented to them, try new things, and enjoy every moment.

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